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We are absolutely delighted to now be stocking this genuine Irish wool from The Galway Wool Co-op, a farmer-owned and run co-operative supplying Galway Wool which is an Irish grown bio-fibre. Galway Wool is rare heritage wool grown with care and pride from their native Irish Breed of Sheep.

Their farmers, who are proud of their Irish heritage, know that healthy sheep are happy and productive animals. They work with care and compassion, to shepherd their flocks in tandem with nature.

All their wool comes from Pure Bred Galway Sheep that have a Registered Pedigree, ensuring partners are producing and creating with authentic Native Irish Wool.

    Choosing Galway Wool, a natural fibre, is not only an environmentally sustainable choice but socially and economically beneficial to rural Ireland also.

    Supporting biodiversity and a greener environment, users of Galway Wool have chosen a natural fibre that is grown from Native Irish Sheep reared by mother nature on lush green pastures.

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